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Healing takes time.

That pithy little phrase was the bane of her existence. Time? She was Immortal, for Darkness' sake!

And it grated that a few pathetic months indoors were getting to her when she'd spent centuries stuck in that little cave, completely out of her mind and unable to push aside one little rock fall.

However, things were improving. She could now move between rooms without pausing for breath and she could read the New Scientist cover to cover without falling asleep.

Still, it wasn't quite living and there was this gnawing feeling that something was missing. Something that she could name but chose not to.

It was safe inside the apartment, with its wards and protections and lack of angels. She could rain down plague on the city from her window - bad cold and 'flu season in LA this year, worst for decades.

Something was missing.

Something that was now within ten feet of her apartment. Huh.
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It was difficult to perceive time.

First, all she knew was pain - fire in every part of her, brutal and burning. She didn't know why it hurt, but it wouldn't stop, and all she could see was the face of a man, cruel and murderous.

Then, there were pieces that started to fall into place. She knew that the man had brought the pain, but she didn't hate him and she knew that she could never do so. There was the feeling that there was something other than herself, a wider world, but she didn't know anything of it.

Which is when a vulture pecked at her eye.

Pestilence screamed, black streams of virulence lashing out around her, until she knew her own mind and her own sad tattered body. And that Loki had finally followed through on his promise and struck her down.

So, she lay in that Iowa field and she felt her body start to reform, piece by excruciating piece, but she had no idea what she was going to do next.
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After Loki had flown from the Thames, Pestilence had walked the streets of London, distributing some minor colds and flu and wondering what to do next. She could never allow herself to reach that position again, devoid of resources and waiting for a white knight to save her.

Especially seeing as said white knight was probably about to get a slap on the wrist from the boys Upstairs, and they'd have to stay apart for a while. That thought disturbed her more than she chose to contemplate, as she'd become attached to even the sight of him.

Taking Stupid to a large pasture in upstate Iowa, she dismounted and sent him away, walking over the fields alone. There were pigs roaming free around her, and she wondered if a simple E. coli infection, seeded in various animal populations, would satisfy her need to infect. The mortality rate was fairly low and she would cause more wide-scale panic, which always worked.

Maybe this way, she could live in harmony with Loki, and neither of them would have to-

"Who's there?"
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Pestilence took advantage of the long weekend to go on holiday. She'd never really needed an excuse to do whatever she wanted, but she figured this gave her the opportunity to decorate her office and talk about something at work. It worried her how naturalised she was becoming to humanity.

If she distracted herself enough, she could ignore the strange feelings she was experiencing. The entirely unreasonable craving for the snow, for example. So she decided to banish it with scorching temperatures.

Lying on a private beach in Cuba, she was wearing her red string bikini - she thought the white pattern of ovals resembled a colony of bacilli - and sipping on a Pina Colada.

This was the perfect place to forget about Loki.
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When she'd returned to her apartment, she'd been unable to keep still for a moment. Throwing off her sling and bandages - kissing angels was the cure for all ills, who knew - Pestilence walked into her state-of-the-art shower and turned the temperature to zero.

After shivering under the water for a good five minutes, she declared herself a rational being once more and emerged from her self-imposed discipline. What was wrong with her? Nothing got her this hot and bothered. True, a skilled lover could bring a few moments of pleasure, but there was never...attachment.

Pestilence dressed herself in jeans and a tunic, pulling on her woollen trench coat and approaching her beautiful horse. She really would have to name him soon. Throwing herself up into the saddle, she urged him into a gentle hack across three continents.

Staying to the coldest, most desolate parts of the world, she spent a few Earth days thinking, but never reaching any conclusions. What did it mean, this obsession with an angel? Was it a conflict of interest to her work? Would it find her once more at the business end of War's sword? Perhaps she should arm herself...assuming she was going to continue doing reckless things.

Suddenly, she felt an odd sensation pulling in her chest. It was almost as if something was calling to her. Frowning, she followed her instincts and cantered through the Himalayas until she reached the summit of Mount Everest.

Which is where she found Loki.


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