Jan. 6th, 2010

apoxuponyou: (buboes: unconscious)
It was difficult to perceive time.

First, all she knew was pain - fire in every part of her, brutal and burning. She didn't know why it hurt, but it wouldn't stop, and all she could see was the face of a man, cruel and murderous.

Then, there were pieces that started to fall into place. She knew that the man had brought the pain, but she didn't hate him and she knew that she could never do so. There was the feeling that there was something other than herself, a wider world, but she didn't know anything of it.

Which is when a vulture pecked at her eye.

Pestilence screamed, black streams of virulence lashing out around her, until she knew her own mind and her own sad tattered body. And that Loki had finally followed through on his promise and struck her down.

So, she lay in that Iowa field and she felt her body start to reform, piece by excruciating piece, but she had no idea what she was going to do next.


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