Jan. 2nd, 2010

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After Loki had flown from the Thames, Pestilence had walked the streets of London, distributing some minor colds and flu and wondering what to do next. She could never allow herself to reach that position again, devoid of resources and waiting for a white knight to save her.

Especially seeing as said white knight was probably about to get a slap on the wrist from the boys Upstairs, and they'd have to stay apart for a while. That thought disturbed her more than she chose to contemplate, as she'd become attached to even the sight of him.

Taking Stupid to a large pasture in upstate Iowa, she dismounted and sent him away, walking over the fields alone. There were pigs roaming free around her, and she wondered if a simple E. coli infection, seeded in various animal populations, would satisfy her need to infect. The mortality rate was fairly low and she would cause more wide-scale panic, which always worked.

Maybe this way, she could live in harmony with Loki, and neither of them would have to-

"Who's there?"


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