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Buboes Pestis ([personal profile] apoxuponyou) wrote2010-01-28 10:45 pm

Meme: Pick a Pes!

While Pestilence is still recuperating from her smiting, I thought I'd try my hand at a few drabbles.

So, this is a chance to Choose a Pestilence - it's like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book, except more likely to be 18-rated.

1. Playful!Pes
2. Murderous!Pes
3. Flailing!Pes
4. Incarcerated!Pes
5. Deviant!Pes
6. Ill!Pes
7. Intoxicated!Pes
8. Wildly Inappropriate!Pes
9. Eloquent!Pes
10. Cooking!Pes
11. Over-protective!Pes
12. Wanker!Pes
13. Silly!Pes
14. Romantic!Pes
15. Long-winded!Pes
16. Bedtime!Pes
17. Jealous!Pes
18. Inquisitive!Pes
19. Confused!Pes
20. Sexy!Pes
21. Angry!Pes
22. Dorky!Pes
23. Working!Pes
24. Needs-a-Hug!Pes
25. Choose-your-own!Pes

Leave a comment with one or more of the above and I’ll write a drabble for it. Specify a verse if you want to.

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