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Buboes Pestis ([personal profile] apoxuponyou) wrote2020-01-20 06:37 pm
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OOC: Buboes and Disease

Here's a handy little guide to what exactly touching Buboes/Pestilence will do. The type of disease will vary depending on the nature and duration of the touch.

Simple touch - minor illness. Usually colds for a brief contact, leading up to measles and mumps for prolonged contact.

Kiss - venereal disease. Buboes' favourite kind of fun and only a kiss will earn you a visit from the VD fairy!

Intimate contact - if the lady works a seduction, it's plague all the way. Bubonic plague will knock off any potential suitors in seven days flat.

Note: Diseases from Pestilence are all treatable with modern medicine - they do not have any special power beyond their ordinary effects.