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Buboes Pestis ([personal profile] apoxuponyou) wrote2010-11-14 02:39 pm

Visitors Bleeding Feathers. RP for [livejournal.com profile] believeinthis.

Healing takes time.

That pithy little phrase was the bane of her existence. Time? She was Immortal, for Darkness' sake!

And it grated that a few pathetic months indoors were getting to her when she'd spent centuries stuck in that little cave, completely out of her mind and unable to push aside one little rock fall.

However, things were improving. She could now move between rooms without pausing for breath and she could read the New Scientist cover to cover without falling asleep.

Still, it wasn't quite living and there was this gnawing feeling that something was missing. Something that she could name but chose not to.

It was safe inside the apartment, with its wards and protections and lack of angels. She could rain down plague on the city from her window - bad cold and 'flu season in LA this year, worst for decades.

Something was missing.

Something that was now within ten feet of her apartment. Huh.

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